Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's a wrap

This week at our church is vacation Bible school. A lady from our class called and asked if Jim or I would teach and I told her that I am sorry but we both realized a long time ago that working with children is definitely not where God is calling us to serve, that we are just not children people. She stammered and said "No one has ever been that honest with me before."

I have been feeling guilty because thus far I have not really served much in this church.

On Sunday a different lady said that she was needing food for the workers while they are on break. Yay-- right up my alley. Tuesday I took 4 dozen cookies and a coconut pound cake. The problem with taking a cake is that you can not snitch some for yourself. I need to make another one of those-- the smell is wonderful.

Today I took 6 dozen wraps. What fun they are to make. So girlie. And bonus--- easy to snitch one for your own lunch! As usual I did not taste test them until well after they were delivered. I made two different kinds:

Grilled chicken and artichoke

flour tortilla
chicken breast strips grilled in olive oil, lightly floured (salt pepper to taste)
cream cheese
sweet onion grilled in olive oil
artichoke hearts
1 can rinsed, pressed dry and chopped
chopped Romaine leaves

cut chicken in to thin strips then assemble ingredients on flour tortilla, roll into tube now roll into a piece of parchment paper. Secure with toothpicks one on each end, cut in half on an angle and viola!

Chicken Bacon Avocados

flour tortilla
chicken breast strips grilled in olive oil, lightly floured (salt pepper to taste)
ranch dressing (made from sour cream-- it is thicker than from a jar)
cooked bacon cut into1/2 inch strips
Swiss cheese cut into 1/2 inch strips
avocado cut into 1/2 inch strips
shredded Romaine lettuce
assemble as described above

Now that I have eaten them for my lunch I can tell you that I liked the avocado wrap better. The artichoke was good but not flavorful enough . Maybe the cream cheese needed some spice mixed in. Or maybe I needed to leave out the Romaine and add more artichoke.

I will try again someday. For now I need to clean up my kitchen. Blech!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009


My wonderful husband bought me a new keyboard that is raised in the middle. It is made to reduce hand stress such as carpal tunnel. It makes your hands turn inward thus your arms are resting on the desk.

My typing style is the hunt and peck method. I am actually quite fast with this method. This hill and valley thing has totally thrown me off my game. I can not tell you how many mistakes I am making (more than my usual spelling atrocities.)

I love Poog, and he certainly meant well. Poog likes to buy me things. He is not a shopper, but if he happens to be at a place that is selling something I often end up with a gift. Just so you know my husband is a workaholic. The only place he goes to is work.

One year I received a lot of jewelry. Some of it was cute and fashionable. Some of it, not so much. Turns out that his place of business was hosting crafters in the lobby on Fridays. My husband bought me a necklace set and when I loved it he thought he had hit the gift-giving-without-having-to-think mother lode. I received 6 gifts that year all jewelry, all from the same crafter. The last one was a pink daisy on a black cord. In my tween's, when I thought of myself as a hippie, I would of loved it, but I think I have grown a bit since then. (Though I still wear a pair of fun earring I bought when I was 15.) After the pink flower BD gift I asked Poog if his stash was depleted. He confessed 'Yes' the pink flower necklace was the dregs. I thanked God, and Poog, and told him I was well set up with costume jewelry for awhile.

My husband's job takes him to trade shows and conferences. Poog is a computer engineer (geek). I have a plethora of Microsoft gizmo's. Coffee mugs, flashlights, flashlight pens, flashing light pens, flashing light flying discs. Flashing is a very big product advertisement strategy in the geek world. Microsoft is great but I wish my husbands work would take him to a antique dishware fair. Or maybe advertise by giving cute crocheted hot pads.

This raised in the middle keyboard that I am typing on is a gift from his last conference. Sweet, sweet thought but it is making my typing slow and my wrist hurt. Go figure!

You know, lets nix the advertising on crocheted hot pads idea. I don't want a Microsoft logo on my hot pad. I can see them now, in each double crochet a little LED light flashing to illuminate the bottom of your glass casserole dish.

Whoa---actually---- the geeks might be on to something.