Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amazing Women

I have been reading some blogs written by some amazing women lately. These young wives and mothers seem to effortlessly do it all. They bake their own bread, sew clothes for themselves and their children, wrangle cattle, home school their children and come up with endless creative projects to teach and entertain. Somehow on top of these daunting tasks, they also keep up a well written blog that not only entertains but teaches both worldly and spiritual lessons. I get tired and numb brained just reading about their lives much less trying to live like them.

I am beginning to think that I failed as a mother. More then that, I failed at taking advantage of all that life has to offer-- not to mention all that I should be offering back to life. I try to remember when my children were young. I think that a successful day was when I managed to get the laundry folded and a supper of macaroni & cheese and cocktail sausages on the table.

Was I ever as entertaining as these blog women? I told my children stories, but I never took it leaps further and made them a play set to reenact that story. My poor children-- all of the memories that they missed out on.

I was gratified to read one mother state that what she blogs about is the good times, not the times when she is at her wits end. But still, a month of her posts of good times and good activities far outweighs a year of my families. My children can remember their favorite Friday night television shows but I doubt they can remember a favorite 'made with Mommy' craft.

I have failed. I want to sew puppets for my babies. I want to teach them about art by helping them paint their own masterpiece on freshly stretched canvas.

All of my childrens sidewalk chalk art has washed away.

I want to take beautiful pictures of my childrens feet. I want to add photoshoped sunlight behind their tow heads in the pictures I have taken of them fighting the dragons in their coats of armor that I have forged myself.

I want a do over! Same children, same husband but just a wiser, more fun and more energetic me. I am in despair!!!

Ahh-- enlightment. I have heard the voice of God, or maybe the loving spirit of my own mother in my heart......

"That is what grandchildren are for."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cowboy Stadium

I sent this our local radio DJ. They were having a survey on what to call the new Dallas Cowboy stadium. Just thought I should share my idea.

Heard you talking today about naming the new cowboy stadium and a caller said to name it the Corral. Good name, but I think we should take it further.
I think the tunnel that the visiting team runs through should be called the "Chute." Have a big sign painted over it. A chute is a contraption that a cowboy uses to hold the cattle for tagging and for castration. I like the visiting team thinking of castration.
We should also have next to the tunnel an actual chute (on wheels) with a Whistling Ray ish type character standing there, rattling it, wearing dirty duds with a big gleaming knife in his mouth.
On the other side of the tunnel should be a chuck wagon with a cowboy with a big hot iron skillet all ready to fry up those cowboy oysters. We could even sell them in the concession stands, maybe with girlie pink icing and sprinkles.
Intimidation works!
Tell Jerry if he wants to use my ideas I require 3 season tickets---- 50 yard line--- 10 rows up--- shady side when the roof is open!
Intimidation works.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting started

Hello all of you out there. By all of you, I mean my daughter Chêz. I am starting this on-line blab session at the her request. Chêz has recently turned my life upside down by introducing me to the world of blogs. I have met some wonderful women who sew, cook and wrangle cattle. I do none of those things-- at least not well.

I live on a 'wannabe ranchette' where I cook daily (except on weekends!) I try to sew but instead spend the hours yelling at and pleading with my machine to not tangle the thread, and where, due to water and fence issues, we do not have any cattle to wrangle. But hey, the land is all mine. :)

Today I am sitting at the computer because I am so sore that I can hardly move. Did I get this way by cutting trees for fence posts? Putting in a summer vegetable garden? Mowing the weeds that I hope one day will be eaten by my named but as yet unpurchased cows Milk and Cookie? No. I am sore from playing my new Wii.

Poog and I yesterday bought a Wii with the sports package. I have wanted one ever since I saw some lunatic jumping around a screen in the middle of the mall. Tennis without the weight of the racket, and more importantly, without having to chase the ball. Pure heaven I tell you what, I tell you!

Poog and I got home around 3 and immediately set up and started playing. Next thing we knew it was 11:30. Can you say addictive?

That brings me to this morning. My back is in spasms. My wrist is swollen and my arm and shoulder are on fire. But of course, this afternoon I went bowling. My top score is a 232. Whooyee!

So Chêz, I hope you are happy with my blabbing. My puppy needs attention now.