Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I am old :)

I have just now, this second decided I am old. I am tired of waiting for this arbitrary distinction of age to get here. I want to do all the fun things that come with "being old."

When you are old you are not crazy or weird, but a cute little old lady. (Ok--- so I am not little. But in so declaring myself old then that will happen automatically. Now. NOW! Come on (insert amazingly small number here) pounds fall off. ..... now........)

I want people to look at me and ask if they can help to lift that 40 pound bag of dog food into the bed of my truck. I want people to think it is "precious" that I drive a truck. I can not tell you how many times grown strong men have passed me by in the parking lot while I struggle to heave the bag up out of my cart. Now that I am declaring myself old, I can stop said young hunks and ask for their assistance. After all I am now a "cute old lady."

I can wear tennis shoes to church. With my Sunday best dress. It will not be disrespectful but eccentric

I can eat cold lasagna for breakfast. I already do that. But now it is not strange.

And I can carry cute hand bags. Like this

Little House Pouch Tutorial and not be thought of as odd.

Yes I am old.

1 comment:

  1. You better still wear those cutie Jessica Simpson shoes though! That's not a very old-lady thing to do, but it's eccentric that you wear teenager shoes, right?

    I'm glad you helped me paint before you declared yourself too old. The top two feet of the walls would never have gotten done!!

    That bag is super cute.

    Also, you're not old. :)