Monday, May 4, 2009

Sick puppy

My puppy is sick.

He is laying in his little bed with his head flopped over dragging the floor, motionless. Yes motionless!

I know I should be ecstatic. How I have longed for times like this. How many times have I said 'If you would just sit still for 5 minutes I could ...............' Now he is still and my mind blank of what that all important .............. was.

I know what is wrong. He is suffering from a trifecta of Rabies shot, new heart worm medicine and teething. I need to bring out the carpet shampooer to eliminate the evidence of his ailment.
But for now, I hold him. He lays willingly in my arms and looks into my face as I stroke his ears. No squirm, no little paws running in place desperately trying to reach the ground to set off on a new adventure. I should be loving this, this calm, this respite.

Soon, I know, he will jingle his bell to go outside to chase bugs (should probably add tasty, crunchy June bugs to the trifecta list.) But for now, we will gaze into each others eyes and speak of undying love.

1 comment:

  1. Reggie!! No!!!! Poor little guy, I'm sorry he's not feeling good. At least he's cuddly - it's a rare day when Taco will cuddle. I'm also sorry for the "evidence." Though I guess your new carpet shampooer will be put to good use! Give Reggie a head rub for me, and a lick for Taco!!