Sunday, April 19, 2009

Getting started

Hello all of you out there. By all of you, I mean my daughter Chêz. I am starting this on-line blab session at the her request. Chêz has recently turned my life upside down by introducing me to the world of blogs. I have met some wonderful women who sew, cook and wrangle cattle. I do none of those things-- at least not well.

I live on a 'wannabe ranchette' where I cook daily (except on weekends!) I try to sew but instead spend the hours yelling at and pleading with my machine to not tangle the thread, and where, due to water and fence issues, we do not have any cattle to wrangle. But hey, the land is all mine. :)

Today I am sitting at the computer because I am so sore that I can hardly move. Did I get this way by cutting trees for fence posts? Putting in a summer vegetable garden? Mowing the weeds that I hope one day will be eaten by my named but as yet unpurchased cows Milk and Cookie? No. I am sore from playing my new Wii.

Poog and I yesterday bought a Wii with the sports package. I have wanted one ever since I saw some lunatic jumping around a screen in the middle of the mall. Tennis without the weight of the racket, and more importantly, without having to chase the ball. Pure heaven I tell you what, I tell you!

Poog and I got home around 3 and immediately set up and started playing. Next thing we knew it was 11:30. Can you say addictive?

That brings me to this morning. My back is in spasms. My wrist is swollen and my arm and shoulder are on fire. But of course, this afternoon I went bowling. My top score is a 232. Whooyee!

So Chêz, I hope you are happy with my blabbing. My puppy needs attention now.


  1. I can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is the greatest thing I've seen all day, and that includes a 3.5 pound toy yorkie puppy. :) Love you, my retired mama!!!!

  2. PS, I've got to hear more about this Wii - it's the solution to all your tennis desires!