Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amazing Women

I have been reading some blogs written by some amazing women lately. These young wives and mothers seem to effortlessly do it all. They bake their own bread, sew clothes for themselves and their children, wrangle cattle, home school their children and come up with endless creative projects to teach and entertain. Somehow on top of these daunting tasks, they also keep up a well written blog that not only entertains but teaches both worldly and spiritual lessons. I get tired and numb brained just reading about their lives much less trying to live like them.

I am beginning to think that I failed as a mother. More then that, I failed at taking advantage of all that life has to offer-- not to mention all that I should be offering back to life. I try to remember when my children were young. I think that a successful day was when I managed to get the laundry folded and a supper of macaroni & cheese and cocktail sausages on the table.

Was I ever as entertaining as these blog women? I told my children stories, but I never took it leaps further and made them a play set to reenact that story. My poor children-- all of the memories that they missed out on.

I was gratified to read one mother state that what she blogs about is the good times, not the times when she is at her wits end. But still, a month of her posts of good times and good activities far outweighs a year of my families. My children can remember their favorite Friday night television shows but I doubt they can remember a favorite 'made with Mommy' craft.

I have failed. I want to sew puppets for my babies. I want to teach them about art by helping them paint their own masterpiece on freshly stretched canvas.

All of my childrens sidewalk chalk art has washed away.

I want to take beautiful pictures of my childrens feet. I want to add photoshoped sunlight behind their tow heads in the pictures I have taken of them fighting the dragons in their coats of armor that I have forged myself.

I want a do over! Same children, same husband but just a wiser, more fun and more energetic me. I am in despair!!!

Ahh-- enlightment. I have heard the voice of God, or maybe the loving spirit of my own mother in my heart......

"That is what grandchildren are for."


  1. You're so silly. I remember the crafts! I remember covering notebooks with felt cutouts for girl scouts, I remember you sewing a ton of little marble-holding sleeves to make bead necklaces, I remember how you could always color better than me even though you didn't practice as much, I remember family bike rides (rolling over a snake!), I remember picking blackberries behind our house and baking them into muffins, I remember beauty pageant and geenie and hula birthday parties, I remember hand-made halloween costumes, I remember trips to Sonic or Braums between Curtis & Allen, I remember you stenciling the bedroom walls in our rooms, I remember going to pick-your-own-fruit farms and the zoo and that place with all the peacocks and the riverwalk parade, and much much more!! You do not need a do over you nutjob!!! You're the funnest mom I could ever ask for!! If you'd like to master puppet making, or sewing your own barbie clothes, or growing your own organic produce, then more power to you, but I'm pretty sure you're going to be the best grandma in the world either way! :)

  2. Chêz my love, I was being sarcastic. I know I was a good mama. Not as industrious or as inventive as the bloggers I read, but a good mama nonetheless. I raised three great children who have become smart, independent, productive members of our society. As it is said, 'the proof is in the pudding.'

  3. I found your blog because you found mine! I'm glad that you commented so that I could read this post.
    You are a wonderful writer and this post really touched my heart. I think all of us Mothers want do-overs no matter how much we give our children.
    Somehow it just never seems like enough because we love them so much.
    God is right(as usual!)
    We can thank him for grandbabies and then we have our do-over!

  4. The first thing I thought was, "oh my, this mom guilt thing will still be going on when my guys are out of the house!" Then, I read your sweet daughters response. You are one blessed woman. Glad you came to my blog so I can come over and meet you. I have a feeling you will be able to teach me a lot.
    The Park Wife