Friday, April 24, 2009

Cowboy Stadium

I sent this our local radio DJ. They were having a survey on what to call the new Dallas Cowboy stadium. Just thought I should share my idea.

Heard you talking today about naming the new cowboy stadium and a caller said to name it the Corral. Good name, but I think we should take it further.
I think the tunnel that the visiting team runs through should be called the "Chute." Have a big sign painted over it. A chute is a contraption that a cowboy uses to hold the cattle for tagging and for castration. I like the visiting team thinking of castration.
We should also have next to the tunnel an actual chute (on wheels) with a Whistling Ray ish type character standing there, rattling it, wearing dirty duds with a big gleaming knife in his mouth.
On the other side of the tunnel should be a chuck wagon with a cowboy with a big hot iron skillet all ready to fry up those cowboy oysters. We could even sell them in the concession stands, maybe with girlie pink icing and sprinkles.
Intimidation works!
Tell Jerry if he wants to use my ideas I require 3 season tickets---- 50 yard line--- 10 rows up--- shady side when the roof is open!
Intimidation works.

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  1. You are one silly lady. :) But if you do get those tickets it would be sweet! I hope Jerry's a fan of cowboy gore!!